Pennsylvania Roads - PA 100

PA 100 was recently rerouted from its former surface route, which carried it south to Delaware, and placed on the freeway connecting it to US 202/US 322. This significantly shortened the route, as well as took another route number out of Downingtown. END signage is not unheard of, but it's rare to add the direction as well.

Non-reflective gore sign, NB at Montgomery Ave. in New Berlinville as the divided highway that began in Pottstown comes to an end.

Button copy on the left, and... white on black? on the right. Was the contractor unable to find anything other than a two-tone sign? Did they run out of green trying to paint grass? SB just south of I-78.

NB at and past I-78 Exit 49, to Tilghman St. US 22 won't leave I-78 to the west until the Interstate has lmost ended, which is why Old US 22 is left alone on Tilghman St. Had the original plans not gone astray, the two might have been multiplexed all the way past Clinton, New Jersey.

SB button copy run in the same spot.

Coming down the hill SB to the I-78 junction, you could easily miss this sign perched atop a newer and identically colored sign. (But not that much newer - the face is just as cracked as the top sign, it uses now-discontinued and super-wide Series F font, and has the old DOH logo on the bottom.) Black on white guide signs are very few and far between, so take some time with this one by clicking for a flashy closeup.

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Onto Old US 22
The proposed PA 100 freeway extension on Steve Anderon's
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