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PA 10

SB keystones; there is no distance to the next town on the second one because PA 10 ends in Oxford.

PA 10 NB bears right in Cochranville at Church St., which has this sign at its beginning. Homeville Rd. also heads left here.

I hit the PA 10 NB/PA 23 EB multiplex twice in poor light conditions, and when I finally made it back during daylight, I found an original gem at the very beginning. It's followed by a pair of oversized shields, one with the wrong color scheme and one with the wrong layout (hyphens are taboo).

The old route from the Morgantown Interchange on the PA Tpk. to I-176 involved surface streets, meaning the Interstate didn't connect to its parent. Now that has been remedied, leaving a very long stub as the mile-long Exit 2 ramps, but this one sign missed the boat and is still stuck on PA 10 SB at PA 23. Photo courtesy Scott Colbert.

Here is the original Morgantown Interchange, just north of the center of town and somewhat west of the new one with the direct connection. Scott Colbert submitted these photos looking from PA 10 east toward the original toll plaza, which is now just a pair of concrete stubs and no booths or canopy. The intersection with PA 10 was a simple 'T' with channelized right turns.

Rather than replace Scott's photos, because I was there in the snow, I'll just present mine as an add-on, continuing all the way out to the stub abutment at the Turnpike.

NB nearing the interchange, needing a "JCT" and to get rid of this wacky shield style.

NB at an interesting turnoff - check the link below.

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