Pennsylvania Roads - Old US 611

Old US 611

Edison Rd., original US 611, SB at Old Neshaminy Creek in Doylestown. The bridge is gone, but the east abutment and approach remain. The road now turns left back to PA 611, but it's clear where it used to go. At one point, the abutment was brick before being sealed in concrete.

If you needed any more proof of how the road used to go, follow the streetcar.

Looking across the creek at the former continuation of US 611, Old Easton Road (what a giveaway).

The old NB side of the approach wall was cut through to connect Edison Rd. back to PA 611, but the beginning of it was left in place.

Up to Portland, where old US 611 heads up onto Delaware Ave., looking southeast at the Portland-Columbia Pedestrian Bridge. It's not very exciting, but it's built on the piers of a former covered bridge.

North on the old concrete main road through Portland.

The oldest signs are southbound. The embossed signs with the old-font "slow" are at Ruth St. Note the unique features of the keystone: "Lackawanna Trail" on top, "M" after the distance, and the typo on the bottom.

Delaware Ave. crosses PA 611 and old US 611 continues as Slateford Rd. past the Delaware River Viaduct, built in 1910 for the Lackawanna Cutoff. It was in use until 1983 but remains in good enough condition for multiple proposals to revive rail service toward East Stroudsburg.

The NB side gets its own original keystone, and it's another unique one.

Slateford Rd. NB ends relatively abruptly at this pretty wall.

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