Pennsylvania Roads - Old PA 28

Old PA 28

All photos are northbound, which is more of an eastbound in many towns.

Along Main St. in Sharpsburg.

Up to waterfront Freeport Rd. in Harmar, looking south across the Allegheny River at the PA Turnpike (I-76) bridge and parallel railroad bridge.

Into Springdale, with old signals at James St. and School St.

This is the New Kensington Bridge, connecting to that town across the Allegheny. You are expected to turn right while there's a red signal, which begs the question, which lens governs? Is there or isn't there a free right turn? Since the bottom signal is an arrow, is it safe to say there's no through traffic here? (Old PA 28 NB continues via an underpass of the bridge.) Why not just channelize traffic onto and off of the bridge with free right turns? Heck, just lay down a few stripes and call it done. All of the pedestrian traffic is on the north side of the intersection, so there's no reason for these lights to ever be anything other than green.

PA 356 and old PA 28
Modern PA 28

Up onto I-76
Onto the New Kensington Bridge and other Allegheny River bridges
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