Pennsylvania Roads - Old US 220, Bald Eagle State Park

Old US 220, Bald Eagle State Park

Heading south on Main St. in Howard, now a double dead-end at the reservoir but formerly US 220. PA 26 has become the only way out.

The similar north end of Main St.

The next segment of this old alignment pokes its head out of the the other side of the reservoir. Past the campground, past the beach, the main park road bears into old US 220, then bears left again (2nd photo) to get to an inn and a boat launch. Stay to the right and you'll be rewarded with this broken old alignment quietly submerging itself. You can see it emerge a short distance later across the connection to the west arm of the reservoir, but you'll need a boat to get there.

Looking east from where I was forced to park at said concrete.

Back out of the lake and south to where the old alignment again splits off. This one isn't drivable at all but you can see where US 220 once went in the penultimate photo.

The last segment is Ridge Crest Dr., the entrance to the northern reaches of the park. It's gated before I get to the east-west road that goes over Foster Joseph Sayers Dam, so I'm walking the rest of the way until I get too cold. The last photo looks downhill toward the broken concrete section that I walked previously.

The statue of Sayers himself, a WW2 soldier killed in action.

Back north toward Blanchard.

Onto the realignment, now PA 150
Onto current US 220

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