Pennsylvania Roads - Old US 22/US 119 - New Alexandria-Armagh

Old US 22 and US 22/119, New Alexandria to Armagh

Photos progress westward and are generally WB.

Clyde Rd. WB by Clay Pike Rd.

A dead-end stub EB at Clyde Rd., which becomes Harry Boring Rd. after crossing US 22. This section of US 22 bypass wasn't built until 2010, and I was there in 2013, so this sign was definitely intended for mainline US 22 traffic. Thing is, the stub was modified to curve into a "T" intersection with the Clyde Rd.-Harry Boring mainline, so the sign doesn't apply. It should be a Stop Ahead.

Old SB signals and EB buildings at the PA 217 intersection in Blairsville.

Old US 22 WB leaves Blairsville on this fine truss, the 1935 Bairdsville Bridge. I bring up this date for a reason.

On the west side of the bridge, you might spy this old concrete two-lane leaving old US 22 EB or returning to it WB. This alignment heads south, then has a rather sharp curve to bring it in line with Market St. in downtown Blairsville. Aerials show a pier remaining in the river from the pre-1935 Conemaugh River crossing that this alignment went to.

That old alignment then crossed the newer old US 22 on a diagonal and had a second sharp curve that the newer road smoothed out, so this "sidewalk road" is left on the north side as old 22 curves back west.

Who uses Series E Modified for negative contrast signs? PennDOT, that's who! (In non-geek terms, these numerals are the same size as those on button-copy overhead signs.) This is at the end of the through road from Blairsville, leaving the rest of the old alignment as a dead-end.

Ravine Park Rd. WB, which is closely paralleled by modern US 22 WB for its brief existence.

Nice views of the alignment heading back east from its dead-end.

Hafer Rd. is even shorter and features exposed US 22 concrete being used as a business driveway.

Hafer Rd. WB to where it meets Westinghouse Rd. The remainder of old US 22 was blown out by a jughandle intersection with Westinghouse and US 22.

Main St. in New Alexandria is one of the best-preserved old concrete alignments, with the town stepping up to keep it patched for its residents. Asphalt pavement begins at Kier St., though.

However, the concrete reemerges on the west side of town after Saltsburg Rd.

One look back east at a new sign that's seen better of its short days.

The old sign is just fine, continuing west to the end of Main St. It now curves into US 22/119, but it used to head southwest. Continue west on old US 22 (link below) to see where it went after the missing Loyalhanna Creek bridge.

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