Pennsylvania Roads - Old US 15

Old US 15

These are either at or on SR 1011 (the last two are on NB 1011), old US 15 from West Milton to New Columbia. It's conceivable the shields on PA 642 WB date from the opening of the US 15 freeway segment through here.

This SB keystone is on old US 15 but Montoursville is not. You'll have to follow old US 220 to get there.

They really don't want you turning left into the NB jughandle at Mill Lane in Garden View. Or they didn't 30 years ago and now they've stopped caring.

Scenic views from old US 15 NB, Lycoming Creek Rd., just under the modern freeway into Trout Run where the beginning of PA 14 cuts it off from the rest of old 15 on Main St.

This is the 1898 Buttonwood Bridge over Blockhouse Creek, on what else but Covered Bridge Rd. NB. This is not old US 15, but it's the original road that US 15 then bypassed.

There was apparently debate over the bridge dating to 1898 or 1878, but I'll use what this monument suggests.

You can find the same old plaque SB as well.

New meets old north of Blossburg, where US 15 SB was temporarily sent along the rock face to the freeway while the bridges at left were being constructed in about 2004.

One SB and one formerly NB keystone, the latter of which is now facing sideways on what is now PA 287. 287 formerly ended at the intersection with what had been US 15 a block to the south.

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