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Old US 13 (Old Bristol Pike)

Main St. NB at Bordentown Rd. in Tullytown. Main St. bears left here, dead-ending at railroad tracks, and because Bordentown Rd. actually goes somewhere (access to U.S. Steel), the through route now follows it instead of original US 13. The street sign is nowhere near enough to be old US 13, because the two-lane road known as Bristol Bypass (second-generation US 13, on the other side of those railroad tracks) has also been around for years and years.

You don't want to drive any farther than this, and really, since Main St./Old Bristol Pike went straight here, there's no reason to.

Skipping across the railroad, good solid chunks of American concrete pave the Old Bristol Pike, continuing straight on ahead toward Morrisville. It gets interrupted again, by Tyburn Road, and there's a short piece between there and the second railroad ex-crossing that's completely unexplorable (unless you like fines and jail time), but the Bristol Pike does pick up on the east side one last time.

Southbound on this long dead-end concrete section of Old Bristol Pike. As on the south side of the tracks, a company has found a use for this end.

The original Bristol Bypass, the road that replaced Old Bristol Pike starting at the dead-end I showed you above and continued south as what is present-day US 13. The only piece of the Bristol Bypass/Bristol Pike not either original 13 or current 13 is this piece northeast of Tullytown. I took these photos southbound, where the old pike has been very haphazardly ended and turned into a northbound offramp. Until very recently, Bristol Pike SB tied into the end of the US 13 freeway. Crossing two busy northbound lanes and left-merging with two busy southbound lanes must have been too much for PennDOT to allow. The stub of the SB merge is still in the median of US 13.

Wrapping up this section of the old road, the original Old Bristol Pike is straight, and Bristol Bypass is to the right, making this photo southbound.

If the sign's so old half of it is missing, it's pretty much guaranteed that there's no longer a railroad crossing here at all. SB is in somewhat better condition than NB, probably because the sun is always to the south of the sign.

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