Pennsylvania Roads - Old US 111

Old US 111, Susquehanna Trail

Old NB signs on what's now SR 3001. The second one actually looks fairly new, but it's in an older style and lacks a typical black square behind the keystone. The third is the only sign that was standing (and less cracked) when this was US 111.

Continuing north to York at the ubiquitous WGAL sign. PA 214 is one of many, many state highways that multiplexes for some distance with old US 111, but the only one with narrow Clearview numerals.

NB and SB in York where, among many state highways that share Susquehanna Trail, it gets Pennsylvania's only Interstate business route (until PA 60 Business is re-signed as a loop of newly extended I-376 near Pittsburgh). It's only fitting, because US 111 ceased to exist by I-83's scrawny hand. Never mind that it's still MD 45 (a state highway) and a patchwork of local state-maintained roads and signed state routes in Pennsylvania. I thought the whole point of decommissioning an old US highway was to remove superseded mileage from the state system.

Another one of those concurrent routes, PA 295 EB with old 111 NB across Conewago Creek. I rue the forthcoming day when the original US 111 bridge is destroyed for the new concrete monstrosity that will take its place. I can already tell how ugly the new bridge will be - it has formulaic piers instead of rustic arches. I'm sure it won't have lanterns atop ornamental concrete posts.

PA 295 SB approaching old US 111. From this angle you can distinguish additional support arches inside the structure. This is the kind of detail that just doesn't go into bridges anymore.

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