Pennsylvania Roads - Monongahela River Bridges

Monongahela (Mon) River Bridges near Pittsburgh

The Smithfield St. Bridge at night, southbound, then by day from Mount Washington.

The 10th St. Bridge northbound into Pittsburgh. Unlike the Three Sisters bridges over the Allegheny River, this is a true suspension bridge with cables and not eyebars.

For fun, here's another Mt. Washington view, now of the 10th Street Bridge.

10th St. crosses 2nd Ave. and becomes the Armstrong Tunnel under Duquesne University.

Still in Pittsburgh, Birmingham Bridge northbound carrying Brady St. You get three photo-worthy elements: bridge steelwork, button copy, and a closed roadway. The former NB side is now a path for walking and biking.

Back over the bridge southbound.

Because it's nothing spectacular from the top, here I head west on Waterfront Dr. under the Homestead Bridge, crossing underneath and coming up the other side in the last photo.

NB across the Rankin Bridge (obviously) and down the ramp to Kenmawr Ave.

Kenmawr Ave. EB feeding into the bridge. Due to construction on the SB side of the bridge, the EB-SB ramp is closed and traffic can temporarily turn left onto the WB-SB loop ramp. For some reason, a stripe of pavement on Kenmawr Ave. was removed to expose the original cobblestone centerline, from when the road only had one EB lane. The second lane normally turns right on Talbot Ave., but for now there's only one lane here due to the construction.

Onto PA 837 on the south shore
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