Pennsylvania Roads - MacDade Blvd.

MacDade Boulevard

All photos are eastbound until the end.

Sign seems fine; it's at I-476, but I-95 is the next and last interchange to the south. I have questions about the crowding in the I-476 shield and lack of crowding for the "M" in Meeting.

Through Woodlyn and Holmes to Collingdale. The first signal is at Lafayette Ave. and the second is at Woodlawn Ave., where you will find the relic railroad sign on the southeast corner as MacDade crosses what is now a light rail line.

More old signal heads at Sharon Ave. (NB), Felton Ave. (see street sign), and Jackson Ave.

The interloping WB photos are from the part of MacDade Blvd. that is also US 13, or PA 13 as one contractor would have it. It was only closed from Main St. to Springfield Rd. in Darby, right about where MacDade and 13 part ways, but something about those 3 blocks of detour (light rail on Main St.? Darby Creek bridge on Chester Pike?) was deemed inhospitable to trucks.

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