Pennsylvania Roads - Liberty Tunnel/Bridge

Liberty Tunnel and Liberty Bridge

The Liberty Tunnels spring north from US 19 Truck where it meets PA 51, opening up to a sudden view of Pittsburgh. Unlike other tunnels, the name is pluralized for the two bores.

McArdle Roadway EB at the Liberty Tunnels and Bridge, the one signalized intersection separating the two. McArdle Roadway is the alternative to the Duquesne Incline, so you save the dollars but you have to drive instead of enjoying the ride up. You get the same view of the city at the top, but parking is sparse.

NB across the bridge and up the ramp to Blvd. of the Allies (PA 885). That leads to Oakland, and I believe those two facts are the lines temporarily covered over on the BGS's.

Looking east at the Monongahela River.

SB across the Liberty Bridge. The reason for the LED signs is the reversible lanes on the bridge. Up to three lanes can run in either direction, but since I was there on Labor Day weekend, the configuration was a standard 2/2. The signs try to assign traffic to the proper lanes before passing through the tunnel. Also note the US 19 shield in the second photo, an error in button copy.

The Liberty Bridge is behind the railroad Panhandle Bridge in this photo from Mt. Washington.

The yellowish structure holds up the Blvd. of the Allies exit ramp. Then there is that variable message sign which, unlike the ones on I-376, are unrelated to flooding, but rather have to do with the reversible lanes in the middle of the Liberty Bridge. The final sign is off that ramp, and the Forbes arrows can only be described as "cute."

After this assembly, the ramp from PA 885 NB merges in from the left, and the roadway becomes I-579. That may not be the exact defined point, but that's where I'm switching pages to I-579.

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