Pennsylvania Roads - I-84

This photo almost cost me $100, so I'll put it wherever on this page I want to.

This photo was free, but I like it anyway, so I'll put it here. I dare you to challenge that.

Sign peel affects a lot of signs on I-380, I-84, and I-81, including many of them in this one interchange. They must all have appeared with the same contract, and maybe one of my esteemed readers will explain the problem to me and why it hasn't yet been fixed. I-84 pops up thousands of miles to the west (well, at least hundreds) in Utah.

The end of the signed I-380/I-84 duplex, and the actual beginning of I-380. I-84 was once planned to continue west from here instead of joining I-380, making a triangle to the east of Scranton. Difficult terrain was probably the biggest factor killing the triangle plan, though traffic mostly gets by okay without it anyway.

What it looks like from I-84 WB. Even more obvious by night is that I-380 was once east-west, despite beginning life as I-81E.

WB, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Random EB button copy and fall colors.

EB yet again, in the days before reflective signs, centered exit tabs, and mile-based exit numbers. And back when BGS shields were non-reflective and had thin black outlines. This Michael Summa photo was taken in 1979.

The WB counterpart to the shield atop the page.

EB, approaching New York. You can tell from the BGS style that it's west of the Delaware River, and unlike NY's circle-in-square patched-on shields (see link below), PA goes with the simpler unbounded circle.

View of the bridges crossing the Delaware, and I-84 ascending into Pennsylvania, from a rest area on I-84 WB in New York.

And then getting personal with the bridges, again looking across from the NY side (but I have enough photos on that state's page already). Just to the left of these bridges is the NJ/NY/PA tri-point; see the link below.

Into New York on I-84
Onto I-81
Onto US 6
Exit 4 to I-380
Exit 17 to PA 191
The NJ/NY/PA tri-point
NY Exit 1 to NJ 23
I-84 on Jeff Kitsko's
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