Pennsylvania Roads - I-83

Above: Market St. WB (former US 11 SB) in Lemoyne, leaving the scene of the Walnut St. bridge stub featured on my Harrisburg Bridges page. See the link at the bottom of this page.

PA 382 WB and PA 238 EB.

PA 114 WB.

Button copy greets you just upon entering the state, but when the foliage is verdant, be ready to snap this sign at a moment's notice. 57 miles from here is in not on I-83 itself, since I-83 ends at Exit 51, but there is one on either direction of I-81 (thanks to Jasper H. for pointing out the obvious, which I of course never noticed).

Two from York, showcasing the latest in RIDOT-standard signage. Sign shops really are getting lazier.

Now to Harrisburg, past the merge with PA 581. As with the I-81 signs (link at bottom), these date from the construction of I-83 through Harrisburg, which is as old as I-81. The bright green exit tabs and OLD EXIT signs are from PA's switchover to mileage-based numbers from sequential numbers in 2001.

The last picture is from the onramp at Exit 42.

3/8 mile warnings are rare. The reason these exits are 44A and 44B, although they are not at the same intersection, is because they both fall within mile 44. When PA used sequential exit numbers, these were 24 and 25.

Two more photos from the south side of Harrisburg. The overpass is clearly original to I-83, and stands in the way of this ever being widened (should it be necessary). And despite what that shield says, this is not the real (D.C.) Capital Beltway. (You'd better click those links, I spent a lot of time making them.)

Euro-style gore sign at Exit 46A (I-283).

Old-school diagrammatics accentuate the Harrisburg run of old signage.

As I-83 crosses the Susquehanna (around the location of the Exit 42 advance sign), these photos look north at twin railroad viaducts.

Down to York now. Business 83 follows former US 111 through town - I-83 replaced 111 by being so close to it, but the old road is still state maintained in MD and PA, so why couldn't they coexist?
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