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The DL&W (Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad) Delaware Water Gap Station, abandoned but to be preserved as a National Historic Place. It's accessible from the first exit from I-80 or just off PA 611.

Entering the state (now Exit 310) in 1976, courtesy Michael Summa. That stretch of roadway is now 50 MPH - it must have been 55 back then, because the minimum was as high as 40.

The same overpass, Oak St., in 2011.

How many exit do you count?

Two more old photos courtesy Michael Summa, from 1977. These are now Exits 302B and 299. There is no Exit 46S (now 302A) in this direction, because traffic would use US 209 to PA 33. 33 doesn't really go to the north - it ends at PA 611. Notice how the gore sign is in the center of the roadway and well before the exit. I would bet there's one at the gore itself, and I haven't seen this practice anywhere today.

Courtesy Doug Kerr (first two photos) and Scott Colbert (last photo).

Off the westbound Exit 299 ramp at PA 715, and then turning onto PA 715 NB to the signal at the next block (Sullivan Trail, which also features the onramp back to I-80 WB).

Enjoy some more button copy and bemoan the very obvious shield replacement. You can also see where the center tab was removed (look for the gap in the button copy) from each sign. Nothing terribly special about the last sign except the destination of "White Haven" juxtaposed with "Freeland."

Across the Susquehanna River in 2013. If you saw the 2011 photos on the EB side, these follow up with EB traffic on the temporary bridge while its permanent span is reconstructed.

Original button copy still on the Exit 241 off-ramp. Now that I've retaken the photo, you can tell what the old number was (36S/36N if you still can't). They were removed because directional exits have gone the way of the dodo, and there's only one ramp from the freeway anyway.

The LGS at the top of the Exit 232 ramp.

The beginning of I-180.

Why did PennDOT stretch a perfectly acceptable 2-digit shield? On freeways, the white milepost is always 10 times the green one, minus 5 if SB or WB.

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Exit 53 (now 310) or 44 (now 298) to PA 611
Exit 52 (now 309) to US 209
Exit 52 (now 309) to PA 447
Exit 293 to I-380
Exit 277 or 273 to PA 940
Exit 277 to I-476
Exit 36 (now 241) to US 11
Exit 232 to PA 42
Exit 232 to PA 44
Exit 212W to I-180
Exit 212S to PA 147
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