Pennsylvania Roads - I-78/US 22/PA 309 Intersecting Rds.

Roads Intersecting I-78 (and US 22/PA 309)

Mountain Road NB at I-78 Exit 23, Shartlesville.

And SB.

PA 737 NB at I-78 Exit 40.

Fish Hatchery Rd. follows Little Lehigh Creek where I-78 crosses it east of Exit 55. I'm heading eastbound in winter, leaving enough gaps to see the 1958 arch through the trees.

The view from the park is a little clearer. The bridge was built for PA 309 and then widened in 1988 when I-78 was cancelled on US 22 and rerouted this way, requiring the addition of a lane in each direction. And sound walls, so you don't even know how beautiful the scenery around you is from the Interstate.

Lehigh St. SB at I-78/PA 309 Exit 57. The state-name shield in the gore shows that the diamond reflector signs are actually occasionally useful.

Lehigh St. NB is even cooler - it gets a 1/4-mile advance sign as well as an older gore shield.

W. Rock Rd. SB and NB just west of where PA 309 joins I-78, at the shared Exit 59. SB, coming from PA 145 and thus ostensibly the more heavily traveled direction, the state-name shield survives, but two have been replaced coming from the small development to the south.

NB on Morgan Hill Road at I-78 Exit 75. Morgan Hill Road, along with Philadelphia Road, St. John Street, and N. Smith Avenue, form a lengthy but well-signed connection between I-78 and PA 611 in Easton.

Now SB on Morgan Hill (from 611).

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