Pennsylvania Roads - I-579

Northbound button copy in Pittsburgh.

Across the Allegheny River, looking east at the 16th St. Bridge and west at a railroad bridge and, in the distance, the Three Sisters (6th, 7th, and 9th Streets).

The northernmost state-name shields in either direction.

Starting back southbound into the city.

Onto the ramp.

PA 380 WB ending at that interchange. That's why there are only PA 380 shields in the NB direction.

Finishing up the SB run. "To I-376" is actually onto PA 885, Boulevard of the Allies, which dances above and around I-376 along the Monongahela River.

Bedford Ave. EB on the south side of the 6th/7th Ave. interchange, heading up alongside I-579 NB.

Washington Pl. NB at Bedford Ave., taking the I-579 NB/PA 380 EB ramp option.

And Bedford Ave. WB.

Straight onto the Liberty Bridge
To I-376
To PA 885
Onto PA 28
To the Three Sisters bridges
The 17th St. Bridge and other Allegheny River bridges
Onto I-279
I-579 on Jeff Kitsko's
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