Pennsylvania Roads - I-380


I was on this road on September 30, 2006, nearing peak color. I came back in 2009 to find these new mile markers with narrow shields. I know it's wrong, but I like it.

Southbound button copy, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Northbound at night, you can see the exit number patches very clearly and the rest of the signs not at all; this probably was Exit 1 back in the day. These signs have thankfully been replaced, though I wish I'd gotten retakes before they went.

More southbound button copy from Doug Kerr, and I know for a fact these are all gone now. As with the PA 940 BGS's, these deserved to go, but I'll still mourn their loss.

More fall foliage.

I think I missed one of the Exit 24 assemblies, but otherwise this is all the button copy you get on I-380 NB (there's another sign or two southbound, unless what I saw was the Exit 13 photo that Doug gave me above). Now wait a minute, you say, surely there must be more on the I-380/I-84 multiplex - but you're only wrong because that's not actually a multiplex. For some reason, I-380 is signed with I-84 here, but once you get onto I-84 there's no more I-380 NB signage, and the mileposts for I-380 don't mingle with those for I-84. Southbound, the multiplex is signed, but again the mileposts aren't both there, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I-380 ends here. Obviously, since I-380 started life as I-81E, this is a truncation of the original route. I-84 was once planned to continue due west instead of taking over the top of I-380, in which case I-380 would have continued to meet I-81.

One more shot of the changing leaves; this is the northernmost of the three leaf shots, all of which should really be between the NB Exit 3 signs and the SB Exit 13 sign.

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