Pennsylvania Roads - I-376/US 22/US 30 EB

I-376 (US 22/US 30) Eastbound

If I say a photo is courtesy John Krakoff, it was passed along to me by Adam Prince. His photos were taken eastbound before the exits were renumbered to milepost-based, so don't try to find those signs or highways by exit number.

Grant St. SB at I-376 Exit 1C.

A long set along the Monongahela River, courtesy Lou Corsaro, past a railroad truss, the Liberty Bridge, and the 10th St. Bridge.

Courtesy John Krakoff. Grant St. became Exit 1C with mile-based numbering, and is now 71A thanks to extension of I-376 across former I-279 to former PA 60 and all the way north. No, it doesn't have to make sense, it's PennDOT.

And Exit 8 became Exit 5, and is now Exit 74. Remember the Greenfield Bridge from the WB page? There it is. Overheight vehicles for the Squirrel Hill Tunnel are warned to use Exit 5 via flashing lights and signs. The ramp signs don't look original, but the NEXT LEFT does. First photo courtesy Lou Corsaro, contradictory in that it equates the tunnel and exit distances, while other signs maintain a -mile separation.

Through the tunnel, past misfit signs, and off Exit 7. I mean 77. Reuse most of the first westbound caption.

Back on at Exit 7 from Monongahela Ave. WB.

The rest of the button copy from John Krakoff, including where US 30 breaks away and leaves US 22 alone on the Interstate.

Exits 10 and 11 became Exits 8A and 8B, now 78A and 78B. You think all this is confusing? This started out as I-70 and then became I-76 before even getting to the three sets of I-376 exit numbers. I again pass under Edgewood Ave. and Brinton Rd.

Extending my EB photo run courtesy Lou Corsaro.

All courtesy John Krakoff. As is usually the case, the old signs look fine, and the new ones are completely bonkers. The green space on the first sign is mystifying - does it want destinations, or for some reason another shield? I think it needs the former. Then, more green space heading toward Plum, which may have been a contractor error for PA 48 North, and now looks terrible. Why not fit the words "Orange Belt" in there? (PA 48 and its continuation form the Orange Belt, which winds through eastern Allegheny County.) By the end of I-376, all the signs are normal, but there are some odd bites taken out of the exit tabs. The Turnpike interchange is, as usual, a trumpet - how could it have ever been numbered? Did someone decide the tab wasn't indented enough from the right edge of the sign, and thought this was the only answer? Did a typographical error lead to this being Exit 188? Whatever happened to Exit 18, why is there an even stranger bite taken out of Exit 16B? These questions have been rendered moot by the renumberings.

At least the new signs don't extend to the Turnpike onramp, where even the retrofit is decades old, probably to when I-76 was moved off I-376 and around Pittsburgh instead. Courtesy Lou Corsaro.

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