Pennsylvania Roads - I-376/I-279/US 22/US 30

(now I-376)

The northbound photo above is courtesy John Krakoff, and it's a lot nicer than the SB one. Whenever I say John's name, the photo was passed along to me by Adam Prince. All photos but one predate the I-376 conversion/extension.

US 22/30 are under construction west of here to be upgraded to I-376. 376 has stolen all of I-279 south of their interchange, including the entire US 22/30 multiplex featured on this page, and extend west and north on PA 60. Here are the SB sights as I-279 ends.

The first photo northbound (eastbound on the two US highways), courtesy John Krakoff. It wasn't a special sign when it was created, but the existence of two separate patches with different fonts elevates it to the status of page-worthy.

SB after the Fort Pitt Tunnel under a couple of different old Norfolk & Western overpasses. You can see that the first photo is on what's now I-376 (Exit 69) instead of I-279 (Exit 5).

Original NB button copy, courtesy John Krakoff. The US routes don't leave until Exit 6/I-376, so they should be on this sign. What, you say, this is Exit 7A? Isn't 7 north of 6? Yes, 7 is north of 6, but this isn't 7 at all. Click for the renumbering of this sign - mystery solved! Too bad I don't have the original version of the distance sign.

SB across the Fort Pitt Bridge into the Fort Pitt Tunnel. You can see the SB roadway equalizing elevation with the NB roadway through the photos. Plus you get a video through the tunnel (click on the last thing, which isn't a photo).

Northbound, very photogenic. You break out of the palely lit darkness of the tunnel to the explosive brightness of a pure blue sky with Pittsburgh standing proudly against it. You even get some signs, including Pennsylvania's own weave sign and an OLD EXIT banner with nowhere to be stuck.

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