Pennsylvania Roads - Harrisburg bridges

Bridges of Harrisburg

The M. Harvey Taylor Bridge, built in 1952 but obviously refurbished much more recently (in 2004, actually), eastbound into Harrisburg, and then looking south at a couple of bridges we're about to visit.

A different type of bridge, Market St. WB at 5th St. where non-bus traffic will be forced to turn right to avoid the one-way section through downtown.

Front St. SB approaching the Walnut Street Bridge, which now only connects to City Island Park. Part of the western span over the Susquehanna River was destroyed by a flood and ice jam in 1996 (thanks to Chris Commans for the information), and the remainder is only open to pedestrians. In fact, ever since 1972, even the complete bridge was pedestrian-only.

See, pedestrians. This would have been a hairy ride for two-way traffic.

Now to the Market Street Bridge, a rehabbed and possibly laterally expanded bridge that takes two lanes of traffic from each side of the river to the other, with a dropoff to City Island Park in the middle.

A bit of history at this location.

Driving past on Front St. and looking back at the bridge.

WB on the Market St. Bridge, then looking north on the stubs of the Walnut St. Bridge west of City Island Park. The middle was taken out, but as you see in the last photo, there are signs left at the very end. Just what's on those signs? I walked out to investigate:

Walking out on the western Walnut St. stub.

Sure enough, the signs end up being wooden, with a state name shield on the left, ripped sign and outlined shields with the old-style tapered arrow on the right sign.

The Walnut St. Bridge is SR 1020 (a county-numbered but state-maintained highway), even though it's closed to traffic. The I-83 sign is on Front St., SR 1027.

Back to Front St. SB to the fourth downtown crossing, which from the tall catenary wire support in the second photo is obviously a railroad bridge. The bridge in the distance is another railroad bridge, and you'll see more of it in a moment.

Even the trestle over Front St. has some architectural value.

Up to the second railroad bridge, which unlike the first one extends across Front St.

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