Pennsylvania Roads - Cobbs Creek Pkwy., Philadelphia

Cobbs Creek Parkway, Philadelphia

Woodland Ave. EB enters the city from Darby and finds Cobbs Creek Pkwy. at the 1766 Blue Bell Inn (or Tavern). It was notable as the site of a 1777 battle, which I assume was fought over its delicious cheesesteaks. The bridge sign faces Island Ave. NB.

Heading north under a railroad and 65th St.

A former entrance to Mt. Moriah Cemetery crossed the creek to the south.

Nearing Springfield Ave., the parkway crosses its own creek (EB) on this 1922 (north face) bridge.

As far as I made it on the parkway, EB at just Whitby Ave. Turning left takes you into Yeadon, but the road is known as Longacre Blvd. there, so really the sign is just wrong. The Fairmount Park sign is also wrong because I am nowhere near that other park here.

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