NJ and PA Roads - Calhoun St. Bridge

Calhoun Street Bridge, Morrisville PA-Trenton NJ

As seen from the PA side of the Delaware River, the more approachable and much more interesting side. The Phoenix Bridge Co. was very active in NJ, so I have other examples of their work elsewhere on my site.

Details of the intricate steelwork elements on the bridge. Modern bridges don't pay nearly this much attention to the fine curves, even when they attempt to emulate the old ones.

Looking east to New Jersey.

The back of the EB speed limit sign is an older version of the same sign that looks like it had a different limit once. At PA 32 are some signals that probably have been there since the intersection was signalized.

What appears to be a former toll house on the southeast corner of the Trenton Ave./PA 32 intersection. Trenton Ave. is PA's name for Calhoun St. I can't find enough historical information to verify whether this bridge ever had a toll.

Looking south on the Delaware River at downtown Trenton and at a railroad converted to a walking trail along the western shore.

It was opposite day on the Trenton side.

Saving the best for last, this sign isn't on the state line at all but on the PA end of the bridge, on the (EB) side where the sidewalk disappears. It appears to be original, and I'm not sure how many times it's been repainted because it's faded but not cracked or rusty.

The text on the back of this sign proves it's an original.

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