Pennsylvania Roads - Bus. US 422 Reading

Business US 422, Reading

Penn Ave. at 7th Ave. in West Reading. I have no comment.

Business US 422 WB turning from Washington St. onto 2nd St. and next onto Penn St., the original route of US 422 and later 422 Business through downtown before Reading decided it wanted even quasi-through traffic to avoid it. The signs appear to date to the Reading bypass built in the 1960's.

River Rd. SB under the Penn St./Penn Ave./Business US 422 bridge over the Schuylkill River, and looking east and west.

Another view from under the bridge, then EB on top of it.

The refurbished lamppost that matches the ones on the bridge is on the northwest corner of these streets, the east end of Penn St. Business US 422 EB is still on Franklin St., but the WB side comes through here and jogs north on 11th St. to Washington St.

EB at E. Neversink Rd., not the W. Neversink intersection a bit to the west.

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