Pennsylvania Roads - Bus. US 30/US 322

Business US 30 and Bus. US 30/US 322

All photos were taken eastbound, from Coatesville to Exton.

I don't know what font made it onto those overhead Downingtown signs - if that's Clearview, it's wrong, because Clearview is only meant for sign text; FHWA (Highway Gothic) numerals are still supposed to be used inside shields.

US 322 was along for the ride between the ugly shields, and it's along for the WB ride here across Brandywine Creek. The current bridge is quite a bit newer than 1801, but preserving the stone is a nice touch.

The matching keystone is over my shoulder, WB on the east side of Downingtown. The next town is Coatesville, actually on Business 30, whereas the EB sign had West Chester, which requires turning off at US 322.

That's not the sun - the sign really is missing that much sign.

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