Pennsylvania Roads - Allegheny River Bridges

Allegheny River Bridges east of Pittsburgh

Although it's arguably not east of downtown Pittsburgh, the Fort Wayne Railroad Bridge next to 11th St. has nowhere else to go, so let's give it a home here.

The approach to the 16th St. Bridge passes a former Heinz plant, now just home to... homes.

Looking east and north from Smallman St. at the 16th St. Bridge, built in 1922.

Adding in a photo from the top of Mount Washington.

The rest of the 16th St. Bridge, southbound. Those appear to be Pegasi (or pterippi, if you're a purist about Greek mythology) holding up a world of other strange creatures. Like the Three Sisters bridges to the west and the two I-279 bridges (Forts Pitt and Duquesne), this one is painted Pittsburgh yellow.

The 31st St. Bridge, southbound.

The 40th St. Bridge, the site of an early Washington crossing, northbound, then turning right alongside PA 28 SB (the NB lanes are overhead on the concrete to the right in the last photo). The Blue Belt comes down Grant St. and heads onto 28 here.

The Hulton Bridge southbound, way up in Oakmont but the next bridge east from the 62nd St. and Highland Park bridges (linked below on the PA 8 page).

Click to drive the Hulton Bridge northbound, ending in the older guide sign in the photo.

EB across the New Kensington (or C.L. Schmitt) Bridge from old PA 28, with views to the south. PA 56 begins on the east side of the bridge, but strangely, the bridge itself is unnumbered.

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