Oregon Roads - I-84


In Oregon, it's a lower limit.
Actually, it was only a recommended speed until recently, and you were allowed to go faster if conditions permitted. Now, it's law, but the word "limit" remains AWOL.

Two EB signs; the Mt. Hood sign is well west of Exit 13. It doesn't take you to the main Mt. Hood road, US 26, but connects to it eventually.

Sun must be brighter in the west. You can see the I-205 shield at left, though, on this WB gantry.

The progression of the western end of I-84, which has nothing at all to do with the other I-84 on the East Coast.

EB and WB views of the Paterson Ferry Rd. overpass at Exit 171.

The rest of these photos are courtesy Michael Summa, and were taken westbound in 1985.

I've never seen a supplementary exit sign at the exit itself, as in the second photo. That would be all on one sign now, but I guess that one sign would have been too tall back then.

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