Ontario Roads - TCH 71/11


Since the route changes directions, photos follow the TCH and go south (TCH 71) to east (TCH 11/71). Except for the Highway 71 shield above, there are no northbound photos.

This route had an absurd number of signs. This is at someone's driveway.

Crossing the Lake of the Woods - yes, the one that has the northernmost piece of Minnesota - on a modern truss at Sioux Narrows. (It's not actually wood; it replicates the original bridge's appearance by cladding steel.)

More of the overabundance of white signs. Do you really want your name out there for the world to see where yo live? Notice that Sioux Narrows - Nestor Falls mispells their municipal centre. I think that's why Ontario just went with "office."

An old alignment has been... tightened? Widening a curve radius usually pushes it to the inside.

There are no TCH shields anywhere along Highway 71, but it's definitely part of the (branch) route.

TCH 71 joins TCH 11. The direction changes but the use of regular shields doesn't. And we seem to have lost The King's Highway.

EB at a crossing secondary. The 1, 3, and 7 digits are all in a disused font.

NB and SB (in halves) on Highway 613 for more of that stick 1 and notched 3/7 goodness.

Still not TCH, but better.

Western Ontario is secondary highway country. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th photos are EB, and the others are WB.

Fort Frances is old reassurance shield country. Even the new ones should have "The King's Highway," though. Even though there's a Queen right now.

This is the one photo not on the TCH, on the tiny piece of Highway 71 NB from the US border crossing. But since Highway 11 is the TCH, all of these shields should be green.

Bonus shield on the wall of Harry's Grill in NC.

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