Ontario Roads - TCH 69

Trans-Canada Highway 69

All photos are SB and taken in the snow.

Careful, frustrated trucks will break holes in your curb to get at you.

Whizzing past the two types of primary King's Highway shields and a secondary shield. Most Ontarians haven't seen these because there are no secondaries down in the Greater Toronto Area.

Past the French River and some more secondary highways.

The beginning of future Highway 400 construction is at secondary Highway 559. You can clearly see there's some writing in the middle of the TCH maple leaf - this is the Georgian Bay Route. The TCH branches and re-branches throughout Ontario, so it's helpful to have different names for each one. For example, Highway 11 is the Northern Ontario Route.

The future NB lanes of Highway 400 appear as Highway 69 shifts to the future SB lanes (remember, at the Highway 559 overpass, 69 ran through the NB side), and then the entire freeway leaves to the east to bypass Nobel.

Once again, Highway 69 is on the NB side of the future 400, and the SB lanes are over to the right. Once the 400 is open, you won't see any more Buicks with turn signals pulling out of driveways. The blue sign should be green, and I wonder if "Town Centre" was removed from the 1 km advance green sign.

Continuing to Exit 229, the other end of Parry Sound Dr. In the distance, Highway 69 starts to divide, becoming Highway 400 as it does so (but 69 and 400 run together for a little while).

Signs appear on the future SB carriageway before traffic can use it. Defiant till the last, Highway 69 refuses to have any 400 signage until the moment it has fully separated into two carriageways.

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