Ontario Roads - TCH 17

Trans-Canada Highway 17

Leaving the International Bridge in Sault Ste. Marie with too many signs in too little of a space and heading east on former Highway 17B to Highway 17. 17B was a curious road. You could follow it down Great Northern Rd. and Pim St., turn left on Wellington St., and come right back out to Highway 17. Or you could turn right on Wellington from Pim St., head over to the International Bridge, come back via Bay St. EB (as part of a one-way pair), and then head back down Wellington to 17. So basically there were three legs, and the downtown leg was a loop of one-way streets. No wonder it died.

TCH 17 west of Kenora

TCH 17, Kenora and east

TCH 11 and TCH 17/11

Old Highway 17:
~ In western Ottawa
~ Ottawa Road 34/Wellington St.
~ Ottawa Road 174
~ Prescott and Russell County Road 17
~ Prescott and Russell County Road 4

The replacement, TCH 417

Misuse of a King's Highway trailblazer to point onto the bridge.

The historic Voyageur Route was traced by Highway 17 and later incorporated into the shields, though I don't know that any remain in the field. This one's in a restaurant in North Carolina.

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