Ontario Roads - Ottawa Rd. 99

King Edward Avenue, Ottawa Road 99

Road 99 SB ends at Mann Ave./Greenfield Ave. south of the city. Turning right at the first photo leads to an onramp that joins the end of Nicholas St., while continuing straight leads to the second photo on Lees Ave., which circles around the interchange and has an onramp on the far side. Here you see the two different types of trailblazers, both with TO inside the shield (or TO/VERS due to proximity to Québec), and both combining the directional banner with the arrow.

Even though, as you just saw, King Edward Ave. leads straight to Highway 417, traffic is supposed to use Wellington St. WB to Nicholas St., which is a bypass of the University of Ottawa area. It may save a minute or two, but the distance is only about 1.5 km (1 mile for the Americans reading this).

Besserer St. EB, which now does not go (unless you're a bicycle) through despite there being a 2-way street on the other side. I wonder what's covered by the bag - looks like yet another turn restriction.

Just before the MacDonald-Cartier Bridge to Québec, traffic must bear left to leave King Edward Ave. This is a newer assembly, as it says "Gatineau" beneath instead of "Hull." Compare it to this older one and notice one other difference - the use of "vers" instead of "à" for the English "to." "Vers" carries the literal meaning of "toward" and is the correct word in this application.

Heading north through construction at the south portal of the MacDonald-Cartier Bridge. As you can see, there are bridges in the middle of the active roadways. It looks from aerial photos that these were intended to carry a freeway off the bridge and into Ottawa, perhaps connecting to Vanier Parkway or running along the Rideau River. Instead, my guess is construction is going to demolish those bridges and smooth the approach from Road 99 into the bridge.

I haven't seen this black-on-white scheme in use before, but I haven't crossed provincial borders in Canada that many times yet. This is the SB end of Autoroute 5 on the MacDonald-Cartier Bridge.

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