Ontario Roads - Ottawa Rd. 34/old TCH 17

Wellington and Rideau Streets
Ottawa Road 34, former Highway 17

Turning from Booth St. SB onto Wellington St. WB and looking at downtown Ottawa behind me to the northeast.

WB at King Edward Avenue, and EB at either Nicholas St. or Waller St. These non-cutout trailblazers are one of the standards used, but I vastly prefer the other, cut-out standard. And the arrow in the EB photo is way too large for the smaller shield assigned to it.

Elgin St. NB on the west side of downtown, being forced right in the background onto Wellington St. I don't know what this building is, but all of the Parliament buildings are to the left, though, so here they are, progressing westbound:

Stopping at the main Parliament building opposite Metcalfe St., then looking to the right (back east) on Parliament Hill.

Continuing westbound, then one final look back east.

The ornate railing of the Plaza Bridge over the Rideau Canal just east of Parliament, facing west.

Walking down the stairs on the north side and facing south. Wave hello to the many people on the bridge staring down at nothing of interest. (It's a nice canal, but all the scenery is along the river or on Parliament Hill.)

Now under the Plaza Bridge, which covers the canal and holds up the Wellington St./Rideau St. intersection with Elgin St., letting people out halfway between the two roads.

The ruins of the previous bridge here, born in 1827. It would be nice if other bridges preserved their predecessors instead of obliterating them.

Looking north from the south side of the bridge.

Rideau St. EB over the eponymous Rideau River.

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