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The interpretation of the County/Regional Road shield adopted by the Ottawa-Carleton Region, which ceased to exist in 2001 when the City of Ottawa went and merged with the entire original Carleton County. Every county or region seems to look at the trapezoid differently. Most Ottawa-Carleton RR's were unsigned in the city itself. I don't know where Doug Kerr took the first photo, but I took the second one just off of Exit 46 on Highway 417, on Boundary Road. (It is in fact the eastern boundary of the region, and also the approximate French-speaking/English-speaking boundary.) I'm told there are still city routes, but I would doubt new signs would still show Carleton.

Nicholas St. NB, leading from Highway 417 north toward Québec and the beginning of Autoroute 5. This photo is courtesy Lou Corsaro, but click for a closeup of the shield only that I photographed.

Different detours signed differently, just to keep you on your toes, Booth St. NB at Somerset St.

Booth St. SB across the Chaudière Bridge, entering Ottawa and Ontario from Rue Eddy in Gatineau, Québec.

Now heading NB back into Québec, with one parting look east at Parliament Hill.

Flipping the script, these photos were taken looking west from Parliament Hill, back at Chaudière Bridge (with Portage Bridge in the foreground and Chaudière Falls/Centrale Hull 2 Dam in the background), and beyond it to the Prince of Wales Bridge. It's worth noting that since Gatineau absorbed the surrounding towns, the Hull 2 Dam is no longer named after anything in particular.

August 25, 2012 Ottawa Road Meet

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