Ontario Roads - Highway 61

Enquiring minds want to know: Is the Canada/US border midspan on the Pigeon River (green sign), or on the north side (plaque)? The phrase "unfortified boundary line" is hilariously and depressingly outdated (if you consider that customs stations act as small forts).

SB near the border. Unfortunately the bridge over High Falls Trail has been replaced by a culvert.

SB signs at this secondary highway. Is there a reason the sign needed to divide the highway shield and destination with separate arrows?

NB signs have the same problem, plus not using the actual secondary shield. And according to the second sign, there is nothing to be found in South Gillies. (Or it's just proclaiming "Ontario!" much the same way as Americans seem to like to shout "America!" at things.)

Shields exiting Thunder Bay Airport at Highway 61.

Neebing Ave. NB opposite the airport road.

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