Ontario Roads - Oxford CR/old Hwy. 59, CR 2

Former Highway (Oxford CR) 59 and 2/59

SB at NB at the western CR 2/59 junction. I don't favor the county name omission on the white sign or anything about the standalone WB CR 2 shield.

So CR 2 WB was signed to Highway 401, but CR 59 takes you right there. Shenanigans. The CR 2 arrow looks older than the route shield that appears to be part of the same sign. So I must ask, did they chop the top half of a Highway 2 shield off and replace it?

CR 2 EB is an alternate route. Cool. Great. For what, sidewalk cycling?

The meanderings of CR 59 as it approaches Hwy. 401. The 59 shields clearly replaced old Highway 59 crowns, but what's the patch doing on the first 401 shield? It's old enough that the patch itself is the older stick-shaped 1.

Looking northwest at the CR 59 overpass of Highway 401 as I take the ramp to 401 east.

Onto former (and current) Highway 2 alone

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