Ontario Roads - Highway 41

Photos progress southward. The one above is on Mackay St. NB where Highway 41 SB is to the left on Metcalfe St. in Pembroke - but 41 NB is also straight ahead on Mackay.

One block south of that intersection, because either Highway 41 wasn't signed to turn or I wasn't paying attention.

SB at Town Line Rd.

The shield shape is for everywhere but intersections, so why is the crown showing up in the first photo but there's a shield in the second photo? Answer: Ontario has no clue how to use its two shapes. May as well just go to one for both applications. Keep the green trailblazers though, that's neat stuff.

Don't worry, I didn't take the sign from Mackay St. This was in my collection for awhile before I went up north and finally drove a piece of the road. "The King's Highway" is unfortunately no longer used on shields, so treasure the old beauties on my Ontario page while they can be found.

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