Ontario Roads - Highway 402

Highway 402

All ground-level photos are eastbound.

Starting where I ended the Michigan page, Canada begins in the middle of the river and ON 402 EB heads to the left.

Crossing the Bluewater Bridge from Port Huron, MI into Sarnia. The WB bridge to the left is obviously the original.

You have a choice when crossing into Canada - go through Customs, or just continue on your way. Okay, actually, both sides lead to Customs, but the one on the right is for trucks and other vehicles needing examination. The font can die in a fire.

Very helpful. What else is here?

Courtesy Doug Kerr and taken by Geoffrey Hatchard. You'd think the London area is far away from French Canada, but this is a "major area of French settlement." Thanks to Chris Bessert for this information.

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