Ontario Roads - Leeds & Grenville CR/old Hwy. 29

Former Highway 29

Above: CR 29 southbound nearing CR 2 (former Highway 2). There is a brief one-way pair in downtown Brockville, and this is where one can continue from William Street onto Wall Street and head back north again.

Many downgraded CR's/RR's still have the ON Highway shields up. Courtesy Doug Kerr, this is a nice compromise, though like FORMER exit tabs in Pennsylvania, it's temporary. You can see that the shield atop the page was for COUNTIES and these are for COUNTY. (Also notice ampersands.) The two haven't really decided whether they're one.

CR 29 SB where it ENDS in Brockville. The number 29 still extends up to Arnprior on the Ottawa River.

CR 29 NB from the U-turn shield atop the page, showcasing an older green trailblazer.

Along CR 29 SB on the west side of Courthouse Square in downtown Brockville, I did my best to show you James Morris lived from 1798 to 1865.

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