Ontario Roads - Highway 148

Highway 148

I found the most interesting stuff in Pembroke by missing turns. These old buildings are on Pembroke St. west of the end of Highway 148. This was the mainline of Highway 17 once upon a time until 1982.

The first EB shield is actually an intersection sign at Highway 41 where 148 begins, and then there's the last WB shield in Pembroke to complement it. It's also the only old-font shield left on the short Highway 148.

One more assembly for you, WB at Greenwood Rd., where Highway 148 once ended at Highway 17. Back then, this was actually the end of Highway 62, which was later truncated to where it turned from N/S to E/W in Maynooth.

The Ottawa River at sunrise.

And to the northwest at the same time.

An arm of Hazlet Bay to the south after crossing Cotnam Island.

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