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Highway 137

Even if you're from Ontario, you may never have heard of Highway 137. It's the semi-secret designation of the continuation of I-81 from New York up to the 401 via Hill Island. Why it's only semi-secret will be revealed on this page. All photos taken from the St. Lawrence River are courtesy Carl Tessier.

Obviously, I crossed after dusk. The TO 401 trailblazer is immediately after customs on the left, and then I cross the second tall suspension bridge (the first was the Thousand Islands Bridge on I-81), from Wellesley Island to Hill Island (the Hill Bridge). Truck spacing in the United States was shown as 500 feet, which is at least twice what it really needs to be.

Hill Bridge SB, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Sailing west toward the bridge on the St. Lawrence River.

Closer shots of the left (south) and right (north) towers. Notice the diagonal cables, which you usually don't see in a suspension bridge. They were added to dampen the swaying motion of the bridge, part of a national movement started in 1940 by "Galloping Gertie" over the Tacoma Narrows and continuing for decades after.

Approaching the south tower.

And the north tower.

Looking south as Carl passes westward under the bridge.

Finally, concluding with the sun in his favor, facing east.

The new and old versions of the northbound gore assembly, second (old) photo courtesy Doug Kerr. I don't know why the yellow sign arrow was swapped out for the yellow dangly arrow in my photo. This is also the first BGS I've seen with a TO shield - again, I like the old version better.

The original overhead gantry with modern signs (complete with dangly arrows), courtesy Doug Kerr.

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