Ontario Roads - Island Park Dr.

Island Park Drive, Ottawa

Starting off with outdated NB signs. Apparently Ottawa used to sign cross streets without any identifier (Av./Ave.), which of course is an easy way to be bilingual. The school crossing sign, though not white on blue, is clearly an outdated design.

The yellow on black advisory speed wasn't just a one-off on the school sign - it's the Federal standard, although it's unclear why the Canadian government would adopt a style unlike any of the provinces. They must think they're special. The border of the curve sign is also nonstandard.

On the south side of Ottawa River Parkway and looking south. The toothy sculpture on the southeast corner is Turkey's attempt to honor fallen diplomats. Please explain to me how this accomplishes that goal.

"Pont Champlain" plaque on the northwest bridge abutment crossing from Québec into Ontario. On the French side of the river, Island Park Drive becomes Place Samuel de Champlain.

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