Oklahoma Roads - US 69/US 66

US 69, 69/former US 66

NB through Miami (former US 66 EB). There's plenty of history in the buildings, and the wire mesh decor on the stop signs is pleasant, except those center-mounted stop signs are a SHAM, because they all replaced old four-way traffic signals hung above the intersection. Oh, the shame, Miami.

This is what I'm talking about, minus the LED lenses. Shaaaaaame.

Skipping Commerce (see big link below), Oklahoma sure found a unique way to sign Alternate US 69, almost harkening back to the state-name US shields with the line across the top. Almost. They somehow found a serifed font for "ALT" on the LGS.

SB at the same intersection, leaving the Picher ghost town (see big link below). Click on the second photo for a closeup of the unique shield.

US 60 and US 69/former US 66/US 60
US 69 and the Picher ghost town
Original US 66 in Commerce
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I-44 (US 66's successor)

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