Oklahoma Roads - US 60/OK 11/US 66/US 69

US 60, US 60/OK 11, US 60/69/former US 66

Main St. SB in Fairview, US 60 WB and OK 58 SB.

Yes, Oklahoma has both US 266 and OK 266, but US 60 doesn't magically become OK 60 here in Enid. Also missing is US 81 heading straight (SB).

US 60/OK 11 EB try to look old-timey as they enter Pawhuska.

Now looking WB at the faux-old median and actual old bridge railing across Clear Creek.

One more bridge before Pawhuska proper, no more brick median, just the old railing. This is EB over Bird Creek, still with OK 11.

US 66 once crossed the state, but OK 66 ends where it hits US 60 west of Vinita, before US 69 joins the party, so this should be a brown Historic Route 66 shield.

EB past the bypassed US 66 (US 60/69, too) Little Cabin Creek truss, then one look back west at it.

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I-44 (US 66's successor)

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