Oklahoma Roads - US 412

US 412

A short EB stub past US 281, should ODOT ever care to dualize the highway.

A couple of creek crossings were bypassed 5 miles to the east, remnants of original OK 15 before US 412 was needlessly extended across the state over existing routes in 1988. OK 15 now exists in two pieces on either end of where US 412 took it over.

It happens one more time another 9 or 10 miles east, nearing Blaine Escarpment.

US 64/412 WB across Keystone Lake west of Tulsa, and looking north and south.

US 64/412 EB with a special friend, OK 51, entering Tulsa. East I-244 and something else (North US 75?) await the next stage that requires you to Follow Marked Detour.

An ancient county border sign on OK 412A, courtesy David Backlin, right before it ends in Oaks (I think that means SB).

To I-244 and US 412/I-244
I-44 mainline and US 412/I-44

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