Oklahoma Roads - US 277/62

The first SB shield, barely off the I-44 exit ramp, is a Series A stunner from way back in the day.

Much, much less stunning. Never stretch your font. Avoid Control-B.

SB in Blanchard, still with US 62 WB and also having picked up OK 76 SB and OK 9 WB. This old alignment belongs solely to OK 76, which is about to leave the other three routes at a T intersection instead of the old Y.

Now back north to Meridian Ave. NB, the west frontage road for I-44 in Newcastle, until it's blocked at the WB Exit 108A offramp. Because it's concrete, you know it's old, and it's actually old US 62/277 pre-Interstate. US 277 was truncated to 44 once the freeway was constructed, but it used to go into Oklahoma City to meet its parent US 77.

SB at the beginning and end of the old Meridian Ave. alignment. US 62 reemerges from I-44 at Exit 107 for US 277, as seen here.

It takes a concerted effort to get to the bridge, and parking in an area with No Parking signs, only to find out that the bridge is closed even to pedestrians. (Though not very well.)

That said, the bridge deck is in very miserable condition, so I was certainly not willing to risk going out beyond those last barriers. These views make me wonder if the bridge was ever paved with asphalt or was strictly wooden for its entire life.

Heading back south from the bridge to my (rental) car.

Onto US 62 alone

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