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Before US 66 used 11th St. through Tulsa, it was originally on Admiral Place. The first photo is Harvard Ave. NB, where Admiral Pl. turns one-way WB as it becomes a frontage road for I-244 near downtown. Although the Historic US 66 arrow only points to the right, I saw the trailblazer after turning left.

Delaware Ave. NB at Admiral Pl. just before the I-244 onramp. It's older than a lot of state-name shields.

To a more modern alignment of US 66 (the final one being the freeways that OK 66 now follows), the Tulsa Road Meet ate at Wilson's BBQ on 11th St. and this old street sign was inside.

11th St. EB at S. Denver Ave. and 10th St. EB at Detroit Ave. This alignment of US 66 starts out on 12th St. and slowly creeps its way upward. The road was closed at Detroit Ave., or I'd have continued farther.

Over to the other end of the city, this is 11th St. EB at E 193rd Ave., then turning left to see the shield atop this page. 193rd Ave. NB leads into OK 167, where Cherokee St. took US 66 over to where OK 66 now is.

193rd Ave. NB at Admiral Pl., where the two old alignments of US 66 come together. The former two-lane underpass is being replaced by a four-lane divided highway with two overpasses. That will also entail replacing the assembly that forgets to mention OK 66 WB is also reached straight ahead, since it follows I-44 through Tulsa.

When I got there, both of the old I-44 overpasses were intact (and OK 66 is still on them at this point), but with the EB side temporarily rerouted, that one was about to go (and is gone now). The WB side is not long for this world, if it's even still there. As outdated as the I-44 freeway may be through the city, I'll miss architecture like this.

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