Oklahoma Roads - US 66 - SW Blvd. Sapulpa-Tulsa

Southwest Boulevard (Sapulpa-Tulsa),

Oakhurst tries valiantly, but they get the PARTS sign backwards (for EB traffic, anyway), and then a very poor imitation of a US highway shield.

On 33rd Ave. W., heading NB from I-244 Exit 1C.

I know old Arby's signs are relatively common, but come on, this one's on Route 66, as proved by the dead mall on the south side.

Best to get on I-244 at Exit 3A, a direct connection to Southwest Blvd., than to continue to 17th St., even when the entrance is open.

This thing with a 21-foot clearance greets travelers who cross the Arkansas River on the Mother Road, managing to stay off of the numerous parallel Interstate opportunities.

It's tough to get a good view EB, but WB leaving Tulsa, it's easy to see the old US 66 Southwest Blvd. bridge to the northwest of the current one.

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