Oklahoma Roads - US 66 - Ottawa Co.

in Ottawa County

All photos are eastbound, except I think the one above is WB on East St. SB in Dotyville.

Old US 66 leaves US 60/69 on the east side of Afton by bearing right on E 220 Rd. and immediately curving left onto S 520 Rd. to recross US 60/69. In that short amount of space, you can see the beginning of the original "sidewalk highway" pavement where a 9-foot wide strip of concrete was laid between Afton and Miami. There are other roads like this, in fact other roads that even still exist (Maryland has a few), but the plaque on this corner (erected quite recently, so it's too boring for me to show you) states that this is the only such remaining segment on US 66, and I sure never came across another one. It also states that because this section was already paved, it remained a 9-foot roadway (with gravel on either side for passing, of course) until 1937, after all of the other Oklahoma segments were paved, at which point US 66 was rerouted onto what has become modern US 69.

Continuing across US 69 onto the uncharted territory of S. 520 Rd., and curving right onto E. 200 Rd. US 66 then rejoined what's now US 59/69.

Of course, old US 66 is far too cool to stay buried by US 69. It curves east once more on E. 140 Rd., with the 9-foot concrete swath appearing out of the red clayey dirt, then curves left onto N. 540 Rd., zigzagging through Dotyville on E. 130 Rd. to East St., which picks up OK 125 NB and flows right back into US 69. It may seem complicated, but except for the US 69 junctions, every intersection has a curve built through the corner to keep US 66 on an easily followed path.

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