Oklahoma Roads - OK 66/33

OK 66 and OK 33/66

Not content with his country music successes, Garth Brooks has now managed the inconceivable and transformed himself into OK 92 in Yukon. This should be "Blvd."

Whenever you're on the Mother Road, expect to see vestiges of bygone glory days. This is just past the previous photo.

OK 66 is old US 66, but not when it bypasses the cool truss bridge. Photos are EB west of Oklahoma City.

There are other old Arby's (Arbys'? Arby'ses?), but this one is on old 66, so it's special. The BGS isn't all that old, but it does have a circle state route shield, which is good enough for me.

Looking west and east on a small old alignment east of Luther.

Through Warwick to Chandler, with the last photo at 9th St. This is the only case I know of where a road is dedicated as a memorial to the highway that used to be there. The railroad bridge and everything in Chandler dates to when this was still US 66.

Two more from Chandler and on to Stroud, all from the Mother Road. Apparently the Phillips 66 sign is a notably historic one - I just took the photo because I found a 66 gas sign on old US 66.

Horrible font EB in Bristow at the beginning of a wrong-way triplex, courtesy Jeremy Lance.

Continuing eastward to another truss bridge west of Sapulpa. This time, I go over and take a look at it, so you'll want to check out the Old US 66 Alignments link below. The OK 66 and 33 shields are both new, so why do they look so different?

EB in Sapulpa where both of these routes end (along with OK 33 EB, for no reason), first photo older and courtesy Jeremy Lance. The sign replacement didn't fix the non-design related error - 75A should be Alt. US 75 - and it killed a serviceable state-name shield for no reason.

Old bridges during the Tulsa Road Meet over an old river - the Verdigris River is now farther east, and the H. Tom Kight, Jr. Bridge now just crosses a stagnant oxbow. I bet when US 66 was constructed here, this was truly the Verdigris itself. The truss you see in the back is a crossing of the current river.

The railroad gets this nice but newer truss bridge, while OK 66 just gets a plain bridge because the river was diverted too recently.

Back west toward Tulsa. This side has the narrower Verdigris River crossing, so I assume this side was the original two-lane.

Will Rogers Blvd. EB in Claremore has one of the last old Turnpike trailblazers left, just off of OK 66. OK 20 mysteriously jogs over a block to not follow this road, which makes me wonder if it ever did come this way or not. The trailblazer suggests it did, or at least that this was a more important through street than it is now (modern traffic would all use 20 on 2nd St.).

A small, nondescript creek crossing, except the WB side has a golden truss and my EB side doesn't.

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