Oklahoma Roads - OK 34/US 66/Business I-40, Elk City

OK 34, , Business I-40 in Elk City

All photos are northbound (old US 66/Business I-40 EB).

The museum wins, hands down, the largest novelty shield contest.

Oh, hey, look, there are some of those sanctified birds right there.

But Mommy, I don't WANNA grieve!

Visit Elk City, see the elk, natch. This is the last photo shared with OK 6 EB, and I'm now telling you the previous ones all were as well.

This relic is mounted outside Elk City Municipal Airport.

Old US 66 continues past OK 34 and Business I-40 as the north frontage road for I-40.

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I-40 (US 66's successor)

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